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· 2010-10-05 ·

On 4D Fractals...

Standard 2D Buddhabrot

Inspired by the gorgeous Buddhabrot, I’ve been playing with my own fractals. I was curious what would happen to the standard Mandelbrot equation when extended to include hypercomplex numbers.

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GasLight Prerelease

Just in time for your non-denominational winter celebration of choice, here’s another GasLight release. If you fancy beta-testing, read on.

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Dual processor testers needed

I’ve been reworking GasLight a little to untie it from iTunes’ timing mechanism. The rendering now takes place in a separate thread, which adds a couple of complications…

As a result, I need a few testers – I’m particularly interested in how it runs on dual processor systems.

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iTunes developers?

Anyone know anything about iTunes’ timeBetweenDataInMS ?

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Open sourcing GasLight?

I’ve been considering open sourcing GasLight. For one thing, I’m having some hardware compatibility problems (stupid text fragment shaders) that I’m finding impossible to fix without any appropriate hardware to test it on, and I’m hoping the OS community might be able to help with that. I only have my Powerbook to test things on, which really isn’t a good way to gauge compatibility and speed on other machines.

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New GasLight release

I’ve been working on a brand new GasLight release. And because I like you best of all, I’m letting you download the new GasLight release before all those nasty commoners on MacUpdate and VersionTracker.

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