Lickable? :: 2006-01-16

I’m currently doing a lot of work in OS X, which overall is pretty damn nice. Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET is still streets ahead as a development environment, but XCode does have some great features.

This page will contain whatever trinkets I come up with for OS X.



CoverFlow is a visual album browser intended to add some nice warm aesthetics back into that cold digital music collection you’ve been gathering.


GasLight GasLight is an OpenGL iTunes plugin. See the product page for more details.

FTP Droplet

FTP Droplet This is a little Applescript droplet, designed to sit on your desktop. Drag & drop some files onto it, and it’ll magically transfer them to your FTP server in the background. It’s great for image hosting, or for quick updates to your website.

[Update : OK, the sudden burst of attention to this ancient script (which I no longer even have on my hard disk) is a little weird…

Assuming you’ve upgraded to Tiger yet, may I suggest ignoring that script, and using this Automator action. Open it in Automator, set up your site details, and save it as a plugin. It’ll appear in your right click menu under Automator.

It isn’t my code, but I no longer have any idea where it came from. If you want to claim credit for it, let me know…]

Quicktime Fullscreen

Quicktime Fullscreen The non-Pro version of Quicktime has the irritating feature of apparently not being able to play movies in full screen.
However, the functionality is still there – it just needs a little helping along. This simple script sets Quicktime to fullscreen, then starts playing the current movie.


This doesn’t seem to work in Tiger. I can get QT7 to go fullscreen, but it hangs the video on returning to windowed mode… I can’t figure out if this is Apple trying to prevent people getting around the Pro registration, or something I’m doing wrong…

The above icons are from Dave Brasgalla’s swooby World of Aqua Candybar set

  1. hey, great ideas, mate. good on you. :) keep up the good work… Anna    Nov 18, 07:11 PM    #
  2. Nice Site, and I love your application. If you have any other fantastic applications, can you please mail me? — Gernouille    Nov 29, 10:31 PM    #
  3. yay, i love you – not having the fullscreen option on quicktime sucks, but now you fixed it

    many thanks =D joe    Mar 10, 06:31 PM    #
  4. I got a question for you. What do you think of the apple initiative on their so called “dashboard” gadgets, over the Konfabulator code. Granted i like the fact its integrated into the OS, and its free… That basically drew a nail right through Konfabulator, but do you think it will be as popular as it is?

    Also I would like to read your views on the upcoming OSX Tiger, I know you may not have a release beta of it, but at least in general.

    Cool site i will be visiting often. Gilberto Palau    Mar 11, 02:33 PM    #
  5. Dashboard looks promising, though a lot of the demos they’ve shown us so far look a little gimmicky. Then again, so did Exposé, and that’s now in constant use. For me, Dashboard’s big feature is the fact that its widgets can be programmed using plain javascript/html, as opposed to Konfabulator’s semi-proprietary format.

    John Gruber offers the best take on Dashboard vs Konfabulator that I’ve seen. And he’s a far better writer than me, so I’d just go check him out for now.

    As for Tiger…sadly, I don’t have a preview copy yet. My Mac projects ain’t paying that well.
    The stuff we’ve seen so far looks like it fleshes OS X out nicely. Personally I can’t wait to play with Core Image.
    Not sure about Spotlight yet…I don’t have thousands of documents scattered around my harddrive, so don’t know how useful I’m going to find it. I suspect it’s one of those things that’ll insidiously creep its way into my life and before I know it, I’ll be totally dependant on it. Rather like Quicksilver... Jonathan del Strother    Mar 11, 03:50 PM    #
  6. to get quick time 7 to go into full screen you open script editor, type “tell application “QuickTime Player”
    present front movie
    end tell” then you open a movie up, DON”T play it! hit the run button on the script, and it should go into fullscreen mode with the on screen controls used in pro — mac os x user    May 27, 09:02 PM    #
  7. I am doing something similar in OSX.4 and it works fine. then again I’m using Java… They recently re-wrote the quicktime for java api so that more control is left up to java and quicktime is better integrated. so I had to resort to java methods of creating a full screen window (using a GraphicsDevice) out of my window-extended quicktime class… probably not going to help you much but maybe someone, somewhere needs this info… — jacob frautschi    Jul 21, 04:12 PM    #
  8. You know, I’ve been using Gaslight for a few months now and I love it. The iTunes visualizer made me strangly nauseated. Way cool. Frank Curry    Aug 9, 10:58 PM    #
  9. use VLC — DNA    Aug 26, 08:00 PM    #
  10. I love your FTP droplet, but for me, it only works once. if I open it in script editor & save it, it works again, but only once. any thoughts? adam    Dec 29, 10:20 PM    #

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