Brand New GasLight!

Gaslight Version 2 is fully compatible with iTunes 11 – apologies it’s taken so long to come out. Since GasLight was first released, Apple have deprecated and/or removed half a dozen frameworks that it used to rely on, so it’s taken a while to rewrite it all. Some of my 9 year old code is pretty hideous, too

Download Gaslight v2 and give it a shot. It still has a number of rough edges, particularly in the text handling, but it ought to work fine for the most part, as long as you’re running 10.7 and iTunes 10 or above. I still need to get a Mac developer account so it’ll probably complain that it’s from an unsigned source, I’m afraid.

I was looking at some of my old screenshots – check out the purty brushed metal in iTunes 4!

· 2013-05-27 ·

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