Ruby on Rails

The Currently Playing sidebar section on the left is doing nothing unusual; it’s simply pulling 4 entries from my database. It’s the bit you can’t see that’s more interesting – the back end where I put the albums into the database is driven by Ruby On Rails

I’m a Ruby virgin, and so I’ve never touched Rails before, either. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it all is, particularly considering how young Rails still is.

Rails does a pretty good job of making your web application feel a whole lot more like programming a ‘proper’ object-orientated application, rather than a whole bunch of loosely connected PHP pages with some messy database code scattered throughout. I like it.

My album entry system consists of secure login authentication, nicely formatted album lists for display & editing, and an automatic artwork downloader which grabs the album art off the internet, resizes it, and converts it to jpg. The entire thing takes a mere 124 lines of Ruby.

If you’re able to find a webserver supporting Ruby, I highly recommend checking it out.

· 2005-03-21 ·

  1. I’m really impressed. What a pity that my hosts don’t support Ruby. H2ORANGE    Jul 7, 01:56 AM    #
  2. I agree with you. The power of Rails is crazy, yet it is a lot of fun to work with. Glad to see someone else checking it out as well. Take care! Pedro    Jul 31, 01:08 AM    #

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