Moving on

This site is horrifically out of date. Come say hi on Twitter or Github instead.

· 2010-10-05 ·

Ruby on Rails

The Currently Playing sidebar section on the left is doing nothing unusual; it’s simply pulling 4 entries from my database. It’s the bit you can’t see that’s more interesting – the back end where I put the albums into the database is driven by Ruby On Rails

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Watch me set myself on fire!

Fire Starter
I usually hate videos of me, but thought this one was cool enough to share.

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Your new hosts

I switched hosting companies recently, to the friendly chaps at Aetheri Hosting. The move seems to have gone fairly smoothly, but let me know if you spot any broken links or odd behaviour.

If anyone’s sent me email in the past few weeks which I haven’t responded to, you might want to send it again – I seemed to have had occasional emails vanish into the void on my previous hosts.

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Shader effect videos

Finally got some videos of my shader effects in action.

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White GasLight

GasLight InvertedI hacked together inverted GasLight colors last night. Here’s a quick preview.

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Confused by image popups?

Should the unusual image popup techniques on this site be removed?

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