Confused by image popups?

Standard 2D Buddhabrot
Stylistically, I really like my* image popups (right). But having seen a couple of people try and use their browser’s back button to hide the image once it’s opened, I’m aware that there are some basic usability issues there – largely due to an expectation on how the web works, rather than an actual problem in the popup implementation.

I’m curious how many others had this problem. Let me know in the comments box if you do/don’t like the popups. Does any site provide the ‘definitive’ popup experience for you?

*: Well, I say ‘my’ image popups. They’re stolen from inspired by Man in Blue

· 2005-01-17 ·

  1. No, keep them. They are awesome. I am working on implementing something similar myself. However, I think you need a close box or some notice. Even though I am familiar with popups like this, it took me a a second to figure out how to close the popup. Braxton Beyer    Jan 19, 11:09 AM    #
  2. Ok, sorry, you do have a close box. I just didn’t see it. Perhaps it could be more visible. — Braxton Beyer    Jan 19, 11:14 AM    #
  3. Keep them – they’re veru good. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Perhaps you could post a tutorial on your site explaining how you created them! AND how you got this text to be previewed in real time! — Rob Cowie    Feb 2, 06:03 AM    #
  4. Sooo…that’s 2 votes for, and 0 against. Looks like they’re staying for a while :)

    I’ll try and get the popup & live comments techniques documented sometime soon. Jonathan del Strother    Feb 6, 07:15 PM    #
  5. Keep them, they are slick! artkast    Mar 5, 06:08 PM    #
  6. I definitely just stared in confusion the first time I saw them… way too cool to not be an actual option in safari. — DrNeroCF`    Mar 12, 09:53 PM    #
  7. The popup image is excellent, but I agree the close button needs to be more obvious….at first I thought it was part of the actual image…maybe make it separate, and to the left…keeping the great brushed-chrome effect. Maybe with the word ‘close’ below it….anyway, good skills, man. Simon    Jan 9, 08:19 AM    #

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