White GasLight

GasLight InvertedBeen meaning to get support for white backgrounds in GasLight for a while…it’s not as trivial as it sounds, due to the way GasLight blends colors together. Anyway, here’s a sneak preview of what you can look forward to in the next version. I love the watercolor ink effect here, with colors looking like they’re bleeding into each other.

Well, those of you with decent graphics cards can look forward to it. Everyone else is gonna have to go buy a Radeon 9600+ or a GeForce FX…

· 2005-01-22 ·

  1. Good.
    Cool. — Joe    Feb 2, 09:44 AM    #
  2. Ooooh, awesome. Release date? Nick    Feb 11, 08:02 AM    #
  3. blah — Gerdes    Feb 28, 04:49 AM    #
  4. Would there be any way to do a standalone version of Gaslight that used the audio input on a machine as it’s source? It would be a great visual to have up on screen with a live band playing. Winston Baccus    Mar 14, 02:28 PM    #
  5. Reall enjoying the change to the origional iTunes visualiser. Keep up the good work. Nicko Soper    Aug 27, 06:37 AM    #

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