Shader effect videos

A while back I promised to get some videos up of my shader effects . I’ve got one video for you, and I’ll hopefully update this page as I get more. Hey, it’s only taken me two years since creating this, so we should have the full set up by, what, 2026?

Watercolor Shader


The head is a model created in Maya. I created a bunch of different morph targets which allow you to adjust sliders to generate different expressions – here I’ve simply selected 2 expressions and it uses vertex tweening to move between them. Note that the low framerate is purely due to the video capture – it usually runs at over 180fps on my Athlon 1.4GHz. I’m not doing anything overly complicated here.

The head is first rendered with normal edge detection. The edges are actually mipmapped textures – the different mipmap levels give different line thicknesses and give the rough look.

The head is then rendered to a texture in D3D with normal lighting & texturing. We then apply a heavy blur, and overlay the entire thing over the original image.

The video was captured with Catch 3D

I did the entire thing working through Synergy , which is an absolutely awesome app – it allows you to share keyboard and mouse between 2 machines, along with keeping copy/paste buffers synced and so on. I move my mouse to the edge of my Powerbook display, and it teleports onto my Windows machine. Works beautifully.

· 2005-02-10 ·

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