Live comment previewing

Try typing into a comments box on this site, and you’ll see a nifty preview of your comment, complete with markup (bold text, links, and so on).

And just to give credit where it’s due, I should probably point out that they’re absolutely nothing to do with me.

I merely took the code from Jon Hicks’ site and hacked around until it worked on mine. If you’re setting up your own Textpattern site, it’s definitely worth your time to poke around on Hicks’ site for a while. There’s a whole bunch of handy tips in there.

As an unfortunate side-effect, IE:Mac users will encounter Javascript errors when they try and type into a comment box. I believe its RegExp engine chokes somewhere along the way. Just hit the ‘don’t run scripts anymore on this page’ button and you’ll be fine…

· 2004-10-16 ·

  1. great visualizer. i love it. my favorite yet! — sam    Nov 22, 12:02 AM    #
  2. GOSH!!! I want a comment box like this! — I WANTS IT    Mar 26, 11:33 AM    #
  3. test auto bigbiggerbigger. hehe fun.

    mb    Feb 6, 02:53 PM    #

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